Dave Thomson – Veteran Employability Consultant

Having been a soldier in HM Forces and serving on operations for many years and also being a Professional Training and Assessment Consultant in Business, has allowed Dave to use both his past Service-life and consultancy knowledge and experiences positively to help others.  We are pleased to have Dave on board.

Since 2013, Dave has been providing practical employability and personalised support to a wide range of ex-Services personnel, Reservists, Veterans and Families members of Services personnel, through the development of specialised Community support and developmental projects, programmes and training, which has been highly successful.  Also, having worked with the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA), Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and more recently, as an Employ-able Advisor with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), has allowed him to provide direct support and an opportunity to help individuals get their life back into step.

Dave’s hobbies are hill walking and spending time with his children.