Job Vacancy Specific Advice

If you are about to apply for a specific job vacancy, we can adapt your CV so that it increases your chances of meeting the requirements for the advertisement based on your experience.

In addition, we will prepare a suitable succinct covering letter to successfully support your application which will increase your chances of getting that interview.

We can also coach and prepare you in advance for the interview using information from the advertisement and the job description.

We will also help you to understand how competency interviews are graded and what’s important when answering these questions and will share example questions and answers with you.

We can also have face to face sessions with clients, mock interviews, discuss body language and explore some of the difficult questions you may be asked and now to answer them positively.

We will provide constructive and honest feedback to help you understand how the interviewer thinks and how to avoid some of the pitfalls so that you so that it increases your chances of getting that job.

job vacancy advice in glasgow