Career Dating at Lornshill Academy Careers Fair


Lornshill Academy Careers Fair


Tuesday, 7 December 2021

I was delighted to take part in the Lornshill Academy Careers Fair in December.  It was set up like a ‘speed dating’ format only it was ‘career dating’ and groups of pupils from year S3 rotated around employers, universities and colleges asking questions about their companies and the work they do; various sectors were well represented.

I gave advice on a career in HR (don’t do it; only joking!) and also advice on CV writing and interview tips.  Pupils were encouraged to drive the conversations and ask questions and I was happy to see that a large number of the pupils are comfortable asking questions and were already thinking about what career path or career options were available to them.

I encouraged many if they hadn’t already done so to think about a part-time job or consider volunteering in a role linked to something they really enjoy/a potential career as this will help them to stand out from others when applying for jobs.

The companies and educational establishments who participated were treated to a lovely and very tasty lunch from S3 hospitality students; I especially like the cakes.  A huge thank you!

I also gave some pressies to the School for 3 very well-deserved pupils who came across as positive, genuine, driven and polite.

Wishing S3 pupils all the best in their future careers.